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The Cretaceous formations of the Mons Basin, of the Méhaigne-Petite Gette Basin area and of the Liège-Limburg Basin area are described and discussed following recent literature.

Of the 22 Cretaceous formations of the Mons Basin 8 are of Early Cretaceous age and 14 of Late Cretaceous age. In the Méhaigne-Petit Gette Basin area no formations have been named, but the different levels found have been considered as members; their age varies from ? Coniacian to Late Maastrichtian. In the Liège-Limburg Basin area four Cretaceous formations have been recognised, divided in very detailed members based on lithostratigraphical characteristics (flints) by Felder; these formations vary in age from ? Coniacian to uppermost Maastrichtian.