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2.1.9. Thulin Marls Formation - THU

Authors: Robaszynski  (1975b).

Description: Chalky marls, yellowish white at outcrop, green when fresh; occasionally chalk banks of a fewdecimetresthickness contain a denser sediment. The marls occasionally contain a coarser, glauconitic, diachronous level, with small black shiny pebbles, a few mm to a few cm in size: this is the Maubeuge Glauconite Member or "Tourtia de Maubeuge" (Robaszynski, 1971b, 1975 a,b).

Stratotype: Borehole Jardiné, at Thulin, between 156.5 and 140.5 m (see Robaszynski, 1975b, p. 35).

Area: MonsBasin and northern France.

Thickness: From a few m up to 20 m.

Age: Middle Turonian on the basis of Terebratulina rigida, Coscinophragma irregularis, Helvetoglobotruncana helvetica, Marginotruncana marginata...