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2.1.6. Braquegnies Formation- BRA

Authors: Marlière (1936b), Marlière (1957).

Description: Levels with sandy glauconitic marls, conglomerates, sandstones and sands, occasionally common sponge remains. Ammonite and bivalve faunas are rich and diverse at certain levels.

Stratotype: Harchies pit, see Marlière (1936a, b, 1939, 1957).

Area: In the most subsided parts of the Mons Basin: to the west at Harchies and Pommeroeul, to the east at Bracquegnies.

Thickness: 40 m in the Harchies pit.

Age: Latest Late Albian (Vraconian), Stoliczkaia dispar Zone: presence of Hyphoplites subfalcatus, Callihoplites vraconensis, Leptohoplites cf. cantabrigiensis. (ammonite faunas currently under revision).