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2.1.5. Catillon Formation - CAT

Authors: Marlière (1936b).

Description: Glauconitic sands, more or less siliceousglauconites, marls with siliceous and phosphatic nodules, with numerous sponges. This formation is clearly less coarse-grained than the underlying Harchies Fm.

Stratotype: Pit n°1 at Harchies (between 122.75 m and 151.50 m); see Marlière (1936a, b, 1946).

Area: Eastern and western parts of the Mons Basin.

Thickness: 29 m in the Harchies pit.

Age: Late Albian on the basis of “Trigonia” elisae and by its stratigraphic position: overlying the Harchies Fm. (base of the Late Albian) and underlying the Bracquegnies Fm. (Vraconian).